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Designer. Developer.

this is my story

Originality. Personal achievements. Self-sustaining independence. Renouncing emotions that would be hurdles in my pathway to my goals, dreams and desires. When sights are set; and the want, need, craving is there: nothing can make this aspiring mind and soul falter. This is I, Oliver Donnergren, twenty-one years of age - forty-two years of experience.

Starting life considered ordinary. My childhood was bright, lit-up and full of looming sunshine. Cared for and tucked into bed by a caring, hard-working and loving mother. Adolescence crawled its way from years ahead to the then present time and gradually transitioned the light into gloom. My outward-bound spirit became a hermit preferring reclusion. Years of experience transitioned into a metaphysical day cycle. One has truly not mastered survival if one cannot survive both the dark, mysterious nights and the bright, energetic days. The result: a boy - nay - a man which is strong both in willpower and knowledge. Today, a new day rises and with the experience and aptitude to seek further insight, the only limitation is where none can travel. Undiscovered roads will be found, I will find them before my legacy is passed onto the next generation of bright prodigious souls.

Determination, endurance and the love for the craft, whether it be web development, photography or programming - heck, even something as seemingly plain as writing another story - be it poetry or a short tale is what keeps at it, day after day. Challenges, tackled head on is what motivates to evolve and wake up a more experienced man the morning after. Downtime: either momentary or prolonged is not spent resting. No sleep for the wicked after all… - a hunt is initiated, a hunt for the next project that will be undertaken.

chapters to come

My story thus far is well documented, analysed and rehearsed. All chapters are there. Yet there is room in my book of life for more. Would you like write stories together? - You can! Do not hesitate to contact me! We will write new chapters together.

Best wishes,

experience is key

This page plainly displays some background information about a list of varying languages and pieces of software and my relationship with them. Use this knowledge as you'd like and do not hesitate to contact me if questions concerning my merits arise that are of more precision than this general information. Truth be told, even a CV cannot accurately describe all the merits of a person.



Though not considered "programming languages", I feel very comfortable with them and use them both to very large extents to make this website a possibility. HTML5 semantic knowledge is at my arsenal, so is boundary pushing CSS magic.

JavaScript & jQuery

Powering almost every aspect of this site. JavaScript with the jQuery library at its forefront is what gives my website part of its identity. These are my main programming languages.. for now. Spanning a couple of years of experience.


The controversial (in many geek communities) PHP language. Yeah. This language powers the back-end of this site. Though I have (time-wise) as much experience with PHP as I have with JavaScript, I do not feel as comfortable with the former.


This delivery service.. - I mean of course "data-management-system" delivers all the content to the Photos, Literature and Audio pages and is crucial for base functionality. Not much experience with it, but what I want this system to do, it does.


Outside web use, Swift is my main programming language. As I use macOS and iOS as my preferred desktop and mobile operating systems, I'd only be wise to stay up-to-date with Apple's attempt at transitioning away from C. Several books have been read, XCode has been learned and a few smaller apps have been made.


The be-all end-all reason to my love for photography, animations, in-general IT and design. This beast of a program, courtesy of Adobe is tamed by yours truly. For over 6-years now.

Logic Pro X

Different, very different and far from my general comfort-zone. Logic is a DAW that I have a very keen interest in. Having made soundeffects, short ringtones, UI sounds and a couple of full tracks. I know everything on the tip of the iceberg, I know what most knobs do with some trial and error, but I am nowhere near the next Prince or MJ.


More of a hobbyist past time program for me, Blender is free, open-source and allows me to make the occasional animation (in 3D) and mesh, but for textures, Photoshop does the trick. A year of pleasant exposure to Blender is a nice start.

Final Cut Pro X

Video-editing. Others do it better, I do it good. Do clips need basic composition, effects, reorganisation, color-correction etc. The experience is there, but nothing bragworthy.

Motion 5

Apple Motion 5 is as tight alongside Final Cut Pro X as ketchup and mustard, custard and pie; what have you. I have more experience with Motion than FCPX. Mostly because it opens up more animation and effect creating options than FCPX and Photoshop combined.


macOS - or formerly known as Mac OSX, is my primary desktop-class operating system. With a lot of exposure with it both as a casual user and someone that dabbles with .plist and .kext files with SIP disabled, the OS is both my hobby and workshop. Having built several hackintoshes during my lifetime, owned several Macs and currently am hosting a few local servers, macOS is simply "my thing".


Even if my main workstation computer uses both Windows 10 and macOS, Microsoft has, over the years, stopped appealing to my preferences and make me less inclined to use it. Yet, most of my earlier years of interest in IT has been done and explored using Windows. I know a lot of its quirks, in's and out's and best of all I know (in-general) how it works on a more technical level.

This project, this website, has been in development for a very long time and has gone through many reconstructions, overhauls and iterations both on a large and a small scale. Written singlehandedly by one person is a feat worthy of some recognition. Here are some interesting facts about the scale of this project:


A large portfolio exists of material, content and experiences that want to be displayed publicly without a network to accommodate the multitude of mediums and subjects that I have taken part in. This website is the result of that and even it, though it displays a lot of photography, illustrations, literature and audio; still does not cover all areas. Apps have been written, 3D models have been made, animations keyframed, videos edited and yet there is more content that just aches to be uploaded for everyone to view.

Though the website is semi-successful at portraying my vast array of expertise, it is however, a beautiful and interactive way to view the content I have created in a concise and exclusive package with options to contact me and getting to know me better through viewing my content and its descriptions.


“Clean. Unobtrusive. Logical. Unique. Timeless. Modern. Adaptive. Multifaceted.”

— These are all words used by others, friends, acquaintances and strangers alike to (in one word) describe what vibe is given off the design of this webpage.

On a foundational level, this website features a design scheme that aims to merge very different mediums together in a clean, consistent and simply pleasant mean. The goal was to emphasise continuity, making all pages feel like they are part of the same unit - without detracting from their own individual identities and purposes. Through an overall grayscale design; vibrant colours emphasise importance and individuality. Through clean, soft animations; the user is guided about in a seamless and undocumented manner, exploring as they go along at their own pace.

Design is much more than pure aesthetics. Good design is logical and yet daring. Good design is unobtrusive and yet inviting. Good design is, on a fundamental level, all-inclusive. It’s unfortunately all too easy to think very two-dimensionally about design. See, it is more than just a well-dressed person - it is a welcoming individual that, alongside an appealing charisma, vast knowledge and wholesome values makes you feel special.

This website does its very best to allow any user to (without hinderance and regardless of circumstances) navigate the website in an easy and intuitive manner. It is unfortunately all too easy as a designer to get lost in the “make-up” when getting a website ready for the world to behold. I personally take great pride in this list of “extra” attention to detail to increase inclusivity:

  • All important navigation items are tabbable, allowing keyboard navigation.
  • A fully supported Nightmode is available to us night owls.
  • Portable touch devices are catered to just as much as desktops / laptops.
  • Some images are smart and increase / decrease in quality to improve performance in certain situations.
  • Though admittedly not as stunning, users that surf anonymously still have all the core content available to them and features that don’t work are hidden instead of broken.
  • Writing a longer email to me using my contact form in a hurry? Do not fret, you can minimise and even navigate to another page and resume your message at a later point.
  • To maximise reading comfort, literature that you read is in a more comfortable font with options to make the text bigger and change the colour of the background to your preferred reading habits.
  • Clicking or tapping the header moves you to the top of the page. Click or tap again to open the dropdown menu.
  • The latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari are actively supported on both Windows and macOS. All major browsers on iOS are also actively supported.

final words

Those dedicated enough could write a book (or two) based on the wealth of knowledge they managed to acquire during just a year of their lives. Sure, there certainly would be someone out there amongst the 8-billion of us interested in reading it. Yet, sometimes, writing is not the best medium to convey that wealth of information. Sometimes, interactivity is just simply preferred. Keeping a diary has personally never been my thing; but preservation can be done differently. This website is my own, abnormal little way of preserving my past and keeping with the present - but it is additionally, my means of getting in touch with my future.

Please enjoy this wealth of content.


Photography or Abstract?

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Don't believe that - the truth is that a picture is worth much more than a mere word-count. Other properties often overlooked are interpretations, definitions and emotions. When setting the scene, adjusting the lens or tinging the canvas; great care and consideration is quintessential to produce poetry in picture-form that I am proud of, often blurring the lines between real and artificial motifs.



Night Swim You reminded me Turtles sometimes cower too Confidence ceasing Fear of losing part of me Not my arm nor leg, but you




A beat, a catchy rhythm, an exhillirating build-up and even a masterfully composed chorus. From the simple to the complex; music is an artform that my friends and I love sharing.